About this blog

This blog will feature posts on statistics, data visualization and machine learning from time to time. It's intended as a personal notebook of some sort, as well as hopefully being of some interest to readers.

About me

I'm a former graduate student at the University of California, Merced, where I studied Cognitive and Information Sciences in the Interactive Cognition Lab. My advisors at UC Merced are Teenie Matlock and Rick Dale. Nowadays I'm a data scientist/machine learning engineer at Salesforce Einstein.

What do I do?

I have two main research interests. The first lies within scientometrics, the "science of science". I study how different fields evolve over time, and which themes and topics are particularly popular in specific journals. Additionally, I'm interested in interdisciplinarity, and how it affects publication behavior and scientific content.

My other main interest is experimental cognitive linguistics, where I study the mental processing involved in understanding figurative language such as fictive motion. I use a variety of methods ranging from behavioral experiments to analyzing gestures and natural language processing. I am also interested in language evolution and language change. How have languages changed over time and why? I am specifically interested in socio-cultural influences, iterated learning and what has been termed experiential semiotics.

For more detail, see my publications and resources page!