Here are some additional resources, for example, data accompanying papers.

Interdisciplinarity of Collaborations in Cognitive Science

I've built an interactive Shiny application visualizing the data in our paper in more detail. You can find it here.

A Scientometric Analysis Of Evolang: Intersections And Authorships

A similar interactive Shiny application is available for our EvoLang paper in more detail. You can find it here.

Data exploration, model diagnostics and visualization with R (CSP Talk)

Slides for my CSP talk can be found here. The RMarkdown is on Github, in case you want to look at the code.

Squiggle. The Game.

You can play the game we used in our CogSci (Bergmann, Dale & Lupyan, 2013) and EvoLang (Bergmann, Dale & Lupyan, 2013) proceedings papers here. It's quite fun and a little bit addicting, so please enjoy!

Programming online experiments with HTML5/JS/CSS

In 2013 or so, I gave a quick introduction on programming online experiments to CogSci graduate students. It's very barebones and short, but the idea was to showcase some simple design and get people away from Flash.